Asheville Community Acupuncture

jess photo by rene

Jess Mund, L.Ac.

Jess has retired from practicing at Asheville Community Acupuncture. Jess has been the owner of Asheville Community Acupuncture since May 2018. She is collaborating on transitioning clinic management over to her esteemed colleagues at Asheville Community Acupuncture.

She has moved over to Point Acupuncture & Apothecary a couple blocks away in West Asheville. Call (828) 707-0738 to get on her schedule (please specify that you are a returning client in order to waive new client fees). She is still offering community-style appointments at the same rates on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 1 - 5:30pm.

All of her established clients are encouraged to continue their care with her at the new location. Additionally she welcomes you to reach out to her personally at (828) 423-4469 for guidance if you would like help choosing another practitioner at ACA.