Asheville Community Acupuncture

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Joseph Burdett, L.Ac.


 Joseph could be described as a Ying qi practitioner, meaning he loves to promote the healthy movement of blood throughout the body. Blood stasis often shows up as varicosities, headaches, or pain anywhere in the body. Chronic cold, numbness, lipomas, and nodules under the skin can also be understood as blood stasis. Healthy circulation depends on an adequate volume of blood, which begins with the digestion of the food we eat. In cultivating the harmonious movement of Ying qi / blood, Joseph often incorporates support of his patients’ digestive wellness. Blood is the emotional medium of the body, so healthy circulation naturally promotes emotional well-being, and vice versa. Most of all, Joseph strives for flexibility as a practitioner, knowing that every patient, and every day is different. Joseph has a passion for Chinese martial arts. He’s currently practicing Tai Yu Shen Gong, Wu Style Tai Qi, and Eagle Claw Kung Fu. When he’s not practicing Chinese Medicine, Joseph enjoys making music, in styles ranging from singer/songwriter to Drum and Bass. Joseph loves water! He enjoys swimming in rivers and lakes, and most of all, swimming and surfing in the ocean.