Asheville Community Acupuncture

What We Treat

Many common but difficult-to-treat conditions and complaints respond to the holistic approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Many times there are people whose symptoms do not respond to western medical treatment or prescription drugs, but who find relief and eventual cure with Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The World Health Organization recognizes the use of acupuncture and herbology in the treatment of a wide range of medical conditions, including:


Patients with cancer, HIV, hepatitis, or chronic fatigue use acupuncture to strengthen their
immunity and reduce the side-effects of conventional medicine. Cat has written an article on how Chinese Medicine can help you strengthen your immune system.

Other conditions that are commonly treated with Chinese medicine are:  Allergies, cardiovascular problems, weight loss, pediatric diseases,
postpartum care, geriatric diseases, sexual dysfunction, low energy, migraines, fibroids, and urinary problems.

Quitting Smoking. Acupuncture and herbs can play a powerful role in helping people to quit smoking.

Treating Children. Children respond really well to Chinese Medicine! We work with all ages, from infants on up. We offer either treatments with needles or sho-ni-shin, a Japanese style that does not puncture the skin. In addition, we offer herbal medicine, which is very effective for many childhood ailments.